Cant please everyone!

The new smart Tv hasn’t impressed everyone at the Swan. One customer said ‘should have put the money in the heating box’ as he sat there in shorts a t-shirt in mid January! and another ‘I suppose we’ve got to watch sport all day now’ as everyone around was enduring their daily 2 hour gruelling highs and lows of cribbage. I’m sure for most it will be a welcome addition and no doubt very soon they’ll be benefiting as well.

Smart move!

Out with the early evenings watching ‘come dine with me’, Coach Trip’ and a T.V that takes a day to tune in and in with classic boxing clashes, great sporting moments, epic darts with Eric Bristow and Jockey and indoor league with Fred Trueman, as the Swan invest in a new 49 inch smart TV….I’ll see thee!thFK8H2TS9

Leave it be!

leaveitbefeb2015It has been decided that after sustaining another hole in the tendon on his front leg, that Leave it be should be retired.
With the chances of a recurrence high and taking into account the horses age, that the fairest action would be to retire the horse from racing, before more serious damage could be done.
Leave it be had his fairy tale win at Newbury, live on channel 4 with one of the worlds top jockeys on board (Barry Geraghty) and will now look for a new career possibly show jumping or the like.
As mentioned a new home for Leave it be is being sought, so any interested parties please see Gerry. All enquiries welcome except Dave Purnells!

From The Big man..

I’d just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who came to my 50th party and helping to make it such a brilliant night. When I see you all together I realise what amazing friends you all are and thank you for you friendship.
Also I would like to thank all those who contributed to Alan’s collection. It is greatly appreciated as he was a great friend to us all.
Until the next time…….YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE THE ONE!